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AMANA draws upon the strength of our global network of educators and administrators coupled with a broad understanding of the education sector to specialize in supporting international K-12 schools and institutions of higher education in the United Arab Emirates and MENA region recruit and retain quality students, faculty, teachers, and administrators worldwide.

With over twenty years of professional experience in education having worked in universities, international schools, and the region's top tier scholarship programs, we are uniquely poised to be an integral partner in meeting your recruitment needs.



AMANA is a dedicated talent partner focused on providing customized recruitment solutions aligned with your unique needs and built on a foundation of Honesty and Integrity.

• Development of job descriptions

• Full-service recruitment to source and screen best-fit candidates

• Complete credential, background, and reference checks

• Offer negotiation and support

• Cultural training and pre-departure orientation designed to enhance retention



AMANA works with each client to design a transparent recruitment process that meets your individual needs, timeline, and budget through the following phases:


We work with you to customize a recruitment process that highlights your institution's unique culture and zones in on best-fit candidates for each role. We discuss additional services and agree upon a process.


We employ a personal approach beginning with our network and combine that with use of online channels, recruitment fairs, and university outreach to effectively find the right talent.


We carefully tailor our process to meet your needs and save you time and money by effectively screening and interviewing best-fit candidates. We can also incorporate testing, reference, credential, and background checks at this stage.


We present qualified candidates and facilitate the interview process with consistent communication and feedback provided through to final offer acceptance.


We understand how detrimental the loss of an employee mid-year can be. For this reason, we support your retention by properly preparing new hires before they even board the plane. We can provide a comprehensive pre-departure orientation inclusive of cultural training.

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